Strange Stories Told By A Jesuit Father – Seeing A Ghost

Strange Stories Told By A Jesuit Father – Seeing A Ghost

Strange Stories Told By A Jesuit Father – Seeing A Ghost named story is about an Indian Whose name is Sasonsmat. Let me tell you the story.
Out of the shadowy past of American settlement days comes a queer story of occult happenings, as related by one of the pioneer Jesuit Fathers. The story concerns the death of an Indian named Sasonsmat. He was about thirty years old. Having fallen desperately ill, he was baptized without his knowledge.  On the night of January 26th, 1663 while he was baptizing he was in a state of coma. Two days later he died. After his death, Father Le Jeune writes as follows:
“One quite remarkable thing happened a few hours after his death. A great light appeared at the window of the house, rising and falling three times. One of our Fathers saw the flash as did several of our men, who went out immediately. Some to see if part of our house had not taken fire, the others to see if it were lightning. Having found no trace of this fire, they believed that God was declaring through this phenomenon the light that was being enjoyed by the soul that had just left us. The savages belonging to the cabin of the deceased saw this light in the woods where they had withdrawn. It frightened them all the more as they thought it was a foreshadowing of future deaths in their family.

A Bad Omen : A Sign Of Death

“I was then some forty leagues from Kebec, in the cabin of the brothers of the dead man. This light appeared there, at the same time and at the same hour, as we have since observed, Father Brebaeuf and I, by comparing our notes. My host, brother of the deceased, having perceived it, rushed out in horror; and seeing it repeated, cried out in such astonishment that all the savages, and I with them, rushed out of our cabins. Having found my host all distracted, I tried to tell him that this fire was only lightning and that he need not be frightened. He answered me very aptly that lightning appeared and disappeared in an instant, but that this fire moved before his eye for some time.

Strange Stories Told By A Jesuit Father - Seeing A Ghost
Strange Stories Told By A Jesuit Father – Seeing A Ghost

Besides he said to me, “hast thou ever seen lightning or thunder in such piercing cold as that which we are feeling now ?” It was, indeed, very cold. “It is/ he said, a bad omen; it is a sign of death/ He added that the Manitou, or Devil, fed on these flames.”
The attempt at a naturalistic explanation, followed immediately by the construction of a theory, each according to his disposition, is very interesting.

Seeing A Ghost

Another savage, baptized Joseph, is reported  to have had the experience which can be described as ” seeing a ghost
“Since I have referred to this man” says Le Jeune (Jesuit Relations, viii, 137), “I will tell a memorable thing which happened to him after his baptism. The Devil appeared to him in the form of one of his deceased brothers. Entering his cabin without any salutation, he sat down on the other side of the fire opposite our new Christian and remained a long time without speaking. At last, beginning to speak, he said to him: “How now, my brother, do you wish to leave us ?”
Our Joseph, who was not yet sufficiently equipped for this warfare replied: “No, my brother. I don’t wish to leave you. I will not leave you” And it is said that this false brother then began to caress him. Still, he has since declared several times that he desired to go to Heaven.
Another man was, one would suppose, afflicted with paranoia. He was the son of a chief. He had lost at the “game of straws” a fur robe and several hundred beads. He was a melancholy man, who heard a voice telling him to hang himself, which he eventually did. Just as our modem attempted suicides “hear voices” inciting them to crime…
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