As Nasty As They Wanna Be

[:en]”Ice” (which is how he likes to be addressed when you’re in his Presence) was born in Miami Lakes, Florida and now lives in downtown Miami, where his mother teaches music at the University them. Before becoming rap artiste, Vanilla Ice was quite a famous motocross racer (i.e. where one rides a motorbike over sand dunes and mud-flats and the like, to great acclaim) and began racing when he was four…
“That was my whole life,” he says. I won three national championships for Team Honda, but something didn’t feel quite right. I’d get to the race track and I’d know I was going to win.”
He gave up this promising career after aserious biking accident when he broke both his ankles.
“I had about an 8O% chaance that I would never walk again. I had three operations. I broke my left ankle three times, in fact. But I took the operations and I could walk again after physical therapy. I went from a wheelchair to attaches and now I dance better then ever. My ankles are back to normal but I don’t want to take another chance, no I don’t race anymore.”
As if to commemorate his amazing recovery process, Ice and his 12-person on-stage team (who call themselves V.I.P.-handle Vanilla Ice Posse, ho ho!) have “V.I.P.” tattooed on their ankles.
Ice’s voyage to rap success began just over three years ago when he won a major talent contest whilst on holiday in Dallas, Texas.
“I was on vacation from motocross,” he explains, “and a friend of mine put me in a contest that I knew nothing about. We just went to this club and I got up on stage and did my thing. Then they called my name and I’d won. It was a real surprise.”
What Ice also wasn’t expecting was that there would be a multitude of record companies “in the house” that Mehl who wanted to sign him up immediately. And sign with one he did, the very next day.
Atter this heady swirl of initial excitement, unfortunately, things didn’t happen quite as quickly as everyone around him would’ve liked them to. “For three years we’ve been struggling,” Ice recalls. “But something’s gradually been happening to keep us going. And I believe God pulled us through.”
Vanilla Ice got his “unique”┬ánickname, “because of my complexion, hurghurg. My friends just started it on in the seventh grade because I used to rep all the time. (He actually attended school with the leader of notorious rap outfit Live Crew, who have of late been stirring up outrage in the US with their “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” album ) It started off as a joke : “You’re Vanilla !” And then everyone storied to call me that and it caught a, y’know. Ever since than it’s been my name.” Four years ego he stuck the word ‘Ice’ on the end of Vanilla “because it fitted really well.” Yet he Fetuses to reveal his real name. “Nobody calls me by that and it doesn’t sound right if somebody does,” he says stubbornly. Then adding mysteriously that he does so “for protection purposes.” Any hints then? “Ws a big secret, I can’t. I’m from the street – that’s why I don’t give out my name.” So with Vanilla Ice destined to become a household name throughout kitchens the hemisphere aver, he’s gone out and celebrated in the “usual” manner – by getting himself a part in the next Teenage Mutant Minis nrties movie, of course. “I’m co-starring in it and I’ve got a song on the soundtrack called .Ninja Rap,. The Pen play in the movie is Jack. I got the part
In the club where they’re fightie and stuff and the white rapper (i.e. Vanilla Ice as ‘Jack’) rescue the Turtles.” Apart from this brief foray in the word of cinema, he’s currently winding up a 70-city tour with MC Hammer in the US After this, Ice wants to venture out and tour on his own. “I’m going to have some big ice cubes on the stage,. he sag ‘rend I’m going to come on stag and do a wheelie on a motorbile When I do ft now, everyone goo ‘Oh wove, but to me it’s just natural. I’ve been doing it since-was four, after all.” And than he roars off. Except he doesn’t, because before he leaves, he, got a very special and touching message that he’d like to impart to us all, the offici Smash HiteNanilla co rap. Ovei
.Yo, this is Vanilla Ice Just chill.’ like Bob Dylan And maim. like Michael Jackmen On Smash Hits Babyr Right you are, then.[:]

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