The father had just vanished

[:en]The father had just vanished, lazing in his bed. Mother was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. After hearing the sounds coming from the lower floor he continue to sleep to rest a little more. After a while suddenly opened his eyes. Obviously, his wife was just saying lullabies to their baby born. When he looked at the monitor, he saw that the baby slept soundly and that the mother continued to sing the lullaby.
He woke up and dressed, and when he was going to go to them, he turned to the sound of the door from below. He had to have big kids. He walked up the stairs to meet her, and the sight she had stood looking out over me. Because the person who entered the door was the wife of the baby in the room who had been thinking of lullaby for a few minutes and was obviously not at home for a long time.[:]

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